2020- Courses at the Sydney Wine Academy COVID-19 response

The Sydney Wine Academy have created a number of on line course offerings to keep people educated on wine during the COVID-19 lockdown. You can choose the total online Mastering Australian Wine which is available to anyone wanting to learn about Australian wines Enrol now or ask me a question clive.hartley2@tafensw.edu.au


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If you have any questions call the SWA on (02) 9448 6369 or email sydneywineacademy@tafensw.edu.au.

Lots to learn at the Academy

1. Italian Wine Scholar Program Unit 2 Central and Southern Italy. This is the most in-depth Italian course on the market and the wines and support materials are excellent. You get on line access to some great presentations and taste a wide range of wines each week. The course consists of 2 units (Unit 1 being Northern Italy) but you can study either unit 1 or 2 first making this course a starting point to gain this international qualification. This course is presented by the Sydney Wine Academy on behalf of the Gobally recognised Wine Scholar Guild. Book in now - this course is only offered once per year. Commences Monday 3rd February in Sydney CBD.

2. WSET Award Level 2 and 3 are on offer as normal but filling up fast. Both courses start in February.

3. Our Mastering Australian Wine on line course has been gaining some great reviews from students and we have added a number of podcasts to support the delivery. You can study anywhere anytime.

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