About the Australian Wine Guide

Unique Features

Not just the usual wine book full of tasting notes

The on line Australian Wine Guide covers types and styles of wine, wine production, sensory evaluation, wine and food matching, wine storage and service. It teaches you about developing your palate, interpreting a wine label and about imported wine. Countless wines were tasted in putting this new edition together.

Each grape variety and region has a sample list of wines that have been awarded entry into the guide after an extensive wine review process; making it essential reading before your next visit to a wine region, bottle shop or online wine auction.

The following are some of the write-up from previous editions:

“This is not a guide in the usual meaning of the word, as in a book full of tasting notes. It's a general introduction to wine, it’s 272 pages leading through grape growing, winemaking, tasting, grape varieties, regions and styles, serving and storing wine and wine and food pairing. It is comprehensive, easy to read, packed with information and takes a global view”
Huon Hooke, Good Living, Sydney Morning Herald

“Clive Hartley has come up with a valuable and consumer friendly book”
Jeff Collerson, The Sun Herald

“The book contains an immense amount of information, augmented by a strong photographic content and clear maps”
James Halliday, The Australian

“The Australian Wine Guide 5th Edition is a great read. In terms of the level of knowledge that we want to achieve with the average team member, this is it! We see this potentially as a handy tool to upgrade their wine knowledge in a rather short and structured period of time. Congratulations, a great book!”
Koert Grobler, National Training Manager, Vintage Cellars

"I love wine books. I love reading them and collecting them. I really enjoyed reading this one. It was easy to read and follow, comprehensive, entertaining, written in Plain English and is authoritative regarding all things to do with Australian wine"
 Paul Ippolito, wine writer


"In the course of my working life I taste and score thousands of wines and this knowledge allows me to confidently recommend wines to you. I’d encourage you to go out and visit our glorious Australian wine regions and use the guide as a way of focusing your visit to maximize your time. Don’t miss the recommended wineries on your next visit!"

Clive Hartley

Australian Wine Guide Wine Ratings Key

Ratings Score range Description

 95 - 100

Often an internationally recognised, leading brand or winery - but not always! Produces a classic wine that is a faultless representation of the style/variety. Complexity on the nose and a seamless palate are an example of the hallmarks of an outstanding wine. Wine must display a long length, be well balanced and have intense flavours.
Highly Recommended

92 - 94

A quality focused wine that has plenty of style. Length of palate and intensity are often key characteristics of highly recommended wines. These producers could be the ones to watch in the future.

89  - 91

An above average well-made, reflection of the style/variety, which often represents good value for money. 


Attention Wine Producers - Samples now being called for inclusion in the 7th Edition

If you would like to submit samples for consideration in the new 7th edition of the Australian Wine Guide as well as reviews on this website please contact Clive Hartley on the following email address. clivehartley@bigpond.com



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